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Urban Islands is an independent studio open to all masters level architecture students nationally and internationally. Enrolments for the Urban Islands 2016 studio are opening soon. The studio is worth 6 elective credit points at participating Universities - see General Info Sheet below for details. 

Since 2006, the Urban Islands programme has hosted emerging architects and firms from Chile, Costa Rica, Denmark, England, Germany, India, Japan, Peru, USA, Canada and Mexico.  Befitting its location on Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour, the program is constructed as an immersive experience, with high expectations on both studio leaders and their students.  A collaborative and productive culture is central to the program, informed by participation in an array of events:  site visits, installations, presentations, lectures, symposia and the closing day installations and reviews on the island.

The Urban Islands programme was conceived with contradictions in mind; between the intensity of the urban and the utopian of the island.  We aim to create a learning environment that will have a political as well as a physical context, ideological as well as programmatic content and continuity outside the short life of the two week term of the Studio.

Within the deliberately compressed workshop periods, participants inhabit Cockatoo Island, which becomes the ideal host for a model of immediacy: direct interventions and tangible outcomes.  But Urban Islands is not simply an isolated exercise; it is designed to be an inclusive, expansive and, ultimately, transformative experience for those who take part, and a continuing series of investigative events in cities around the world, dedicated to exploring the relationships between the places we find ourselves in and the manners in which we inhabit them.

To secure a place in the 2016 studio please fill in and return the ENROLMENT FORM.

For more detailed information please refer to the GENERAL INFO SHEET.